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Re: Blisters on Poison Ivy

Subject: Re: Blisters on Poison Ivy
Author: Betsy D.
Date: 3/30/2007 5:04 pm
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Hi Penelope -

You definitely don't want to pop those blisters. I've known some people who swear by this method but it's risky. You risk infection and / or scarring. The body will heal itself in time and the blisters do go away.

You best bet is to find a method that works for you to keep the rash clean and dry. I always found swimming in a pool or at the ocean to be very theraputic (chlorinated water and salt water both do the same thing - help dry up the rash). Baking soda is another good one. There are dozens and dozens of treatments which do the same thing - promote the drying of the rash.

Hope this helps...

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