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?Die from Poison Ivy??

Subject: ?Die from Poison Ivy??
Author: Pete Moxon
Date: 1/31/2007 1:13 am
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I was recently told by a "Natural Resource Supervisor" in a local
Forest Preserve(Dupage County, Il) that they regularly cut Poison Ivy because:
"lots of people die from allergic reactions to Poison Ivy"

The question was raised because Poison Ivy "berries" are a
significant food source for many native species of birds in
the U.S.
At least 40 species feed on the berries in the Midwest alone;
many of which rely upon Poison Ivy to sustain them through the Winter &/or in their migration.
Any comments would be GREATLY APPRECIATED!!
Thanks, Pete

?Die from Poison Ivy?? (Approved)Pete Moxon1/31/2007 1:13 am