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Re: on clothing.

Subject: Re: on clothing.
Author: Debbie
Date: 1/21/2007 4:34 pm
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Dear Kelly,
Poison Ivy is not caused by a virus. The rash is caused by oils from the poison ivy plant. Natural plant oils, not viruses. The advice you got was not correct and I am wondering what these people meant by "it dies when it is not in it's normal place"? The oils can stay active (meaning you could get a rash from contact) for several years.

You said you disinfected your shoes. I have no idea how you did this, because you didn't explain the procedure. The only way to remove oil is to wash with a detergent that cuts grease. Dishwashing liquid, Tide, etc. will work. If they are athletic shoes, just put in your washer with hot water and detergent. If they cannot be washed in your washer, put on gloves and wash them down with hot soapy water. If you still are worried, throw them out. Since you have handled them already and did not have a skin reaction, I would think they are most likely not contaminated with the oil, but it is best to be cautious.

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