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Secondary PI infection?? HELP

Subject: Secondary PI infection?? HELP
Author: Julie Roberts
Date: 12/6/2006 3:29 pm
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On Nov. 18 of this year, I was clearing leaves and such in the backyard. I believe that I came into contact with poison ivy. I developed small, manageable bubbles which oozed and went away in about 9-10 days on my right hand fingers (in between). I treated these with Tecnu and Ivy Dry.

One day after the initial infection cleared up, the whole top of my right hand got very irritated and over the last week or more has turned into a mass of 1000s of miniscule bubbles which have thickened my skin substantially. My hand is so swollen and dry that I cannot really move it without pain. It is also crawling up my arm at 1 inch per day.

Has anybody seen anything like this? I used to get VERY VERY bad PI as a child, hospitalized, etc. I know the ins and outs, washed everything, etc. I just cannot believe that this second infection could have stemmed from the first. I am planning on going into a walk in clinic tonight, as I can no longer treat the area myself. My skin is so cracked and dry that it bleeds. Thoughts?

Secondary PI infection?? HELP (Approved)Julie Roberts12/6/2006 3:29 pm
  Re: Secondary PI infection?? H (Approved)Debbie12/11/2006 4:47 am