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Re: blisters, sores, oozing...

Subject: Re: blisters, sores, oozing...
Author: Debbie
Date: 11/27/2006 1:56 am
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Matt, the nature of the healing process of a PI exposure will be oozing blisters, that will crust over. The fluids usually have a yellowish cast. You can cover with sterile gauze if they are a problem, you need to be in public, or if you think they will be exposed to too much friction from your clothing. They will heal faster if they are uncovered during some part of your day. Yes, they could get infected but most of the time it would be from scratching, as fingernails have lots of germs under them. I have found that rubbing gently AROUND the blistered perimeter works just as well to quell the itch and does not make you run the risk of infecting the area by direct contact of fingernails. Ice cold wet cloths are the best to relieve itching and loosen the crusting. Keeping the areas clean with tepid or cool showers should be enough to avoid infection.

If you experience unusual swelling, tenderness or pain ( other than that caused by the rash ) fever, green discharge, pus, or red streaks running up from a lesion, then you should see a doctor right away as these would be signs of infection. PI looks very nasty when it is in this stage of healing. Obviously I cannot see your sores to judge, but if you feel they may be infected then by all means get yourself checked out by a doctor for your piece of mind. Most likely they are not. If you are just worried about germs, you can use Bactine spray or hydrogen peroxide as you suggested.

Most cases take a good month to clear from inital outbreak. When the oozing stops you need to switch gears from trying to dry up the rash to moisturing with a good quality cream or lotion (something with Vit. E, Aloe Vera, similar healing type NATURAL ingredients) Keeping a jar of Noxzema in the fridge and applying to itching healing areas works great too. After your PI rash is gone you can use it for other things like sunburn, skin irritations, bug bites, or to wash your face--you will have very smooth skin! Too many people make the mistake of continuing to use drying agents and then their skin gets so dry it cracks, bleeds, and itches just as bad as before. There may be areas on your body that will need moisturizing and some that are still oozing. Not all the blisters will heal at the same time. Use your own good judgement as to how to treat--just be kind to your skin. Too aggressive treatments can cause infections also. I hope you get well soon!

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