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poison ivy in creek

Subject: poison ivy in creek
Author: marina
Date: 10/18/2006 3:29 pm
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hello. my husband and i bought our house last year in Dallas that is situated along side a creek that runs through the neighborhood. my mother visited recently and had a HORRIBLE outbreak from contact with poison ivy. although she was never in the creek the doctors believe our dogs, who do go into the creek, transferred the oil to her. she is miserable. she also is asking me to pay someone to remove the poison ivy but the problem is that its EVERYWHERE. i am also concerned with adding chemicals into the creek which feeds the entire neighborhood, as well as the fact that it may come back. the creek has a 25 foot drop on our side and on our neighbors side. so the amount of poison ivy is dense. what can i do?

thank you!

poison ivy in creek (Approved)marina10/18/2006 3:29 pm