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Re: Zanfel WORKS!

Subject: Re: Zanfel WORKS!
Author: chuck s.
Date: 7/17/2006 5:18 pm
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I have tromped through the woods for decades, played in poison ivy as a child, gotten into poison ivy without affect but caused outbreaks in my spouse by the poison on my skin all without a problem until the past week. While looking for a golf ball i must have gotten into the poison ivy and 48 hours the itching and rash have gotten worse steadily until now I have large leathery looking patches on the inside of both thighs. I have used oral benadryl with hydrocortisone cream which didn't help, IvyDry, Aloe Vera Sap, nothing has helped. I broke down and bought Zanfel for $30 and tried that. It provided relief for a few hours but then the rash, itching and oozing all returned. I tried another treatment and again felt some relief but again experienced a relapse within a few hours. I finally gave up since the rash has been with me for 12 days now. I went to an urgent care center and was prescribed a dose pak with a decreasing dosage of methylprednisolone starting at 24mg decreasing to 4 mg by the sixth and final day. i hope this helps me as this has been sheer misery for the past week. Poison Ivy and urushiol have gained a new found respect from this believer, in the future i will steer clear.

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