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Re: prednisone and dosage

Subject: Re: prednisone and dosage
Author: Bobbi
Date: 7/17/2006 4:35 pm
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I just got home from the Dr and she prescribed 80mgs a day for 4 days..then down to 60... then 40 and so on... BUT.. she also prescribed me zantac of all things... it has an antihistamine in it that boosts the prednisone,helps with the itching and seems to be a miracelfor me thus far!! I spent a couple days in the hospital with this bout of IVY because it got into my respiratory system as well..... she also prescribed me Hydroxyzine HCL which is steonger than bedadryl and also works miracles on the itching!!!
I also bought some Ivarest which works immediately to take the oozing and itch out of the rash topically. I asked about the Zanfel cream but they said that at 40.00 a tube for 1 oz... your basically buying Calamine lotion/was with dish soap in it!
Good Luck to you!

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