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Re: Poison Ivy

Subject: Re: Poison Ivy
Author: Bobbi
Date: 7/17/2006 4:25 pm
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Your dogs, cats and other animals can get poison ivy, and can spread it to you via contact. I just spent 2 days in the hospital with posion ivy in my respiratory system. I get it VERY bad and usually get shots for it. I have not gone into the woods or any areas of the yard that may have PI but my dogs go into the edge of the woods to do their 'duty' and then ofcourse, i hug them and love them up constantly.....getting the oil from the ivy plants all over me which has collected on their fur. I lived in a hevily wooded area with poison ivy growing as common as grass. We get a good all purpose herbicide and spray the edges of the yard every year and are usually very careful to keep our animals bathed.....it slipped by us this time and I am paying the price dearly.... I have it in my nose, ear canals, lungs, between my fingers and toes etc....talk about miserable!!! Good luck to you!!!
P.S. My dog has gotten the actual ivy rash on her ears before.... and the vet prescribed prednisone for her just as the Dr did for me!

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