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Re: prednisone and dosage

Subject: Re: prednisone and dosage
Author: Nan
Date: 7/13/2006 10:38 am
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Jennifer, I have a bad case of p.i. which seems to be spreading to all parts of my body. I started breaking out minutes after coming into contact w/ it in my yard. I'm taking 30 mg. of Prednisone daily for 4 days, then 20 mg. for 4 days, 10mg. for 4 days, then 5 mg. for 4 days. Am also taking Benadryl tablets and taking Aveeno oatmeal baths twice a day. So far, it isn't getting much better but am holding out hope that it will start improving soon.
Do you take your Pred. all at once in the a.m., or space them out during the day? Am not sure which is best.
Good luck !

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