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Re: How Long does it take to go away

Subject: Re: How Long does it take to go away
Author: Debbie
Date: 7/11/2006 11:12 pm
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I'm sure Visitor meant well with his/her post, but that is absolutely bad advice. Maybe this works when you are desperate, without any other kind of treatment options, but that simply is not the case here. Scratching open a rash with a knife, and pouring alcohol on it is harmful to the skin and sets you up for pain & scarring. Using alcohol repeatedly dries up tissues and soon the skin will crack and bleed! Skin cannot heal if too dry! The skin is an ORGAN and protects us from disease organisms entering the body when intact. Please USE COMMON SENSE when you have open blisters and treat your skin with care, as it absorbs everything you put on it into your bloodstream. Use the SEARCH feature on this site and find appropriate posts for your questions. I spent lots of my personal time & knowledge of medical research posting here last year trying to help, and covered a gamut of questions that are repeatedly asked. Try my name in the search box to find my posts. Best regards to all.

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