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Re: Re-exposure/spreading/removal of oil from furniture

Subject: Re: Re-exposure/spreading/removal of oil from furniture
Author: Kaestner
Date: 7/9/2006 11:37 pm
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After doing my fair share of research I learned that a bottle of alcohol does the same and it is a lot cheaper....since I have no idea where I "may" have spread the oil I just took a rag, the alcohol and some heavy duty latex gloves and pretty much went on a mission cleaning anything I think I may have come in contact with. Not an easy task but I'd rather be safe (and anal) then sorry.. this has NOT been a fun 2 weeks.
P.S. For anyone like myself who didn't contract the oil at home (e.g. vacation) I even went to the extent of washing our two dogs just incase they came in contact with the shoes I was wearing that had the oil on them...make sure to do a mental replay of anything you THINK that you may have come in contact with the oil.

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