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Re: Re-exposure/spreading/removal of oil from furniture

Subject: Re: Re-exposure/spreading/removal of oil from furniture
Author: Kaestner
Date: 7/6/2006 2:47 pm
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I am wondering the same thing. I was exposed to PI on a vacation in Mexico last week and at first thought I was bit by a spider bite on my foot but by the time I got back home this weekend I realized it was spreading, I have washed all of the "infected" clothes and bedsheets and other miscellaneous items that I was wearing but now onto the larger question. I was wearing sandals that I KNOW had the urushiol oil on them but I also continued to wear them around the house (stupidly) until I read on this site that they contained the oil. It is continuing to show up on different parts of my body daily(its been 1 week since exposure) and am concerned that while I wore those contaminated shoes I spread the oil.. I have no idea what to clean.. The entire house?? what about the carpet?

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