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Re-exposure/spreading/removal of oil from furniture

Subject: Re-exposure/spreading/removal of oil from furniture
Author: K
Date: 7/6/2006 2:25 pm
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In the midst of a current, ongoing bout with poison ivy ("PI"), I've learned something that explains the problems of re-exposure and continuing outbreaks of the rash and am looking for a solution.

My doctor's office was questioned me about the possibilities of having (1) unknowingly re-exposed myself outdoors, (2) a dog, cat, or other animal bringing the urushiol oil into the house, (3) houseplants that have PI in them. I'm all too familiar with PI and none of the foregoing applied to my situation.

All clothing and bedding has been constantly washed to remove any urushiol oil. However, I finally realized that I'm getting re-exposed by way of the urushiol oil that got on both cloth and wood parts of furniture I touched before I knew I had PI. I've covered the pieces of furniture with sheets and I do believe it's starting to make a difference. My question: What can be used to definitely and permanently remove the urushiol oil from wood and cloth furniture?

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