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Get relief quick

Subject: Get relief quick
Author: Linda
Date: 7/1/2006 11:39 pm
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Pour epsom salt in a bowl (enough to cover the affected area) add enough hot water to make the salts start to melt,(kind of pasty if possible) Get in a HOT shower and SCRUB yourself everywhere with an antibacterial soap. Turn the water off, and start patting the epsom salt mixture onto the infected areas. Let the epsom salt stay on as long as possible. (I let mine dry but the poison ivy was only on my hands.) Then get back in the shower and brush off any epsom granules DON'T RINSE there will be a white layer of epsom salt on your skin...leave it there if possible. I then put a hydrocortison cream on this actually helps the salts absorb into the skin and really drys it up quickly.
This helped me I sure hope it can help you!

Get relief quick (Approved)Linda7/1/2006 11:39 pm