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Not allergic?

Subject: Not allergic?
Author: Lauryn
Date: 6/20/2006 12:38 pm
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So I've lived pretty much in the middle of the woods for my whole life, traipsing around in the forest with tons of poison ivy and i've never gotten a rash. Lately i've become more aware of when I'm walking through it, but I haven't noticed any symptoms of having poison ivy. My friend's mom told me that you only develop a rash if you're allergic to the plant. I was wondering if maybe I just don't have an allergy to poison ivy?

Not allergic? (Approved)Lauryn6/20/2006 12:38 pm
  Re: Not allergic? (Approved)Aurea6/23/2006 9:42 am
    Re: Not allergic? (Approved)Lauryn6/26/2006 1:03 pm