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Re: extended PI???

Subject: Re: extended PI???
Author: SuziG
Date: 9/20/2005 12:41 pm
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I had the same thing too. I even went back to the doctor, thought I might be having a reaction to the medication I was taking (prednisone and hydroxyzine). He wasn't sure what was causing it. It was like you said, there weren't any bumps at first, it was pretty much invisible, but the areas itched like mad. Then when I would scratch little bumps would appear and then it looked a bit like a heat rash. There weren't any blisters like with the original ivy, and the bumps were very small. Some of the original ivy bumps were several inches across and most were irregular shaped, this was definately not the same thing. I had the rash mostly on my lower belly, chest and back. It flares up right after I work out, so I take a shower and wash with soap and cool water, that helps a lot. I also was using Betamethazone lotion before bed when it was really bad and that would kill the itch right away so I could relax. Know what I think it is? Call me crazy but I think the poison ivy is in my blood stream or lymphatic system and sweating is causing it to surface and that's creating this rash. The rash started right after I started working out again (I'd quit for over a week because of the PI).

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