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Re: extended PI???

Subject: Re: extended PI???
Author: Debbie
Date: 8/24/2005 0:24 am
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Hi at, I have read your post several times. I would like to help but you didn't say if you were on any medication for the initial outbreak. If not, from what you wrote it sounds to me to be latent breakouts from your last exposure. It is common to break out weeks after the first appearance of blisters. Not all areas of rash will blister if the oil was less concentrated and smaller amounts were absorbed. Once I had a rash that blistered so bad they looked like a mountain (literally about 1/2 inch high and congregated together). This year I had some spots that never did blister but were raised and very itchy. If your rash becomes too bothersome you may want to see a dermatologist (scabies could be a possibility). I hope you find relief soon. Cold water is best to relieve your itchiness. [email protected]

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