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Re: P.I. in the eyes

Subject: Re: P.I. in the eyes
Author: HyperP4
Date: 8/23/2005 11:02 am
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I have been covered in Poison Ivy, sumac, oak from head to toe over the years. During a particularly bad episode, I sought out professional care because the rash was all over my head and face. I asked the physician [dermatologist] about getting the rash in my eyes or mouth. The doctor explained that the immune system in the mouth and eye is the most powerful that the human body can produce and is not usually affected by the same types of allergies that the rest of the skin may be susceptible to. The doctor emphasized the fact by his lack of ever treating anyone with a rash on there eye or in their mouth in his 30 year medical practice. I have to admit that I have never experienced the rash in my eyes or mouth even though I have had it just about everywhere else.

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