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Poison sumac

Subject: Poison sumac
Author: Tony Deliberto
Date: 8/22/2005 11:10 pm
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I'm new to the site only here becasue i had a run in with poison sumac. I have mad a serious mistake by listining to a home remedy of popping the blister an using a biodegradble degreaser to set on the wound for 10-15 minutes. Lucky for me i have only done this on one spot and it has become a nightmare. I think it has given me a chemical burn an it looks to be healing, but a scar is going to occor. I started out by using a antibotic ointment on it but it wasnt healing i stopped use an it started to scab. it started to become sore an i started to put sum aloe lotion on the area to keep it moist. then all of a sudden it started to ooze an weep again. so i have know idea what to do
Any advice would greatly help
Thank YOu very much

Poison sumac (Approved)Tony Deliberto8/22/2005 11:10 pm
  Re: Poison sumac (Approved)Debbie8/23/2005 11:50 pm
  Re: Poison sumac (Approved)Tim Dalton8/28/2005 4:35 pm