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Re: Please help me!!! :(

Subject: Re: Please help me!!! :(
Author: valerie
Date: 8/21/2005 9:00 pm
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My 5 yr old has had the same problem for almost the entire summer. So far we've been to the doctor twice because this stuff just won't go away. He was on hydrocortisone, some kind of strong benadryl, then steriod creme and anti-itch spray and next we're off to the dermatologist for his opinion and probably more horrible steriods or who knows whatelse. I've been using ivarest on him which helps but now I see more spots on him. I can't stand having to give him all these chemicals and I like you am at my wits end trying to figure out where its coming from. I sprayed my backyard and killed every plant I could find that looked like poison, my poor dog has had too many baths to mention and is basically quarentined from my son, and basically his summer has been spent mostly indoors because of another outbreak. I agree with a previous poste that this plant was not created by god. I feel for you good luck.

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