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Re: spread by pet?

Subject: Re: spread by pet?
Author: Visitor
Date: 8/21/2005 7:24 pm
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Coming in contact is easy considering that uroshiol (the oil in the poison ivy plants that causes the rash) can easily be carried by:

* Fur on pets--the oil does not affect them
* Clothing
* Golf bags
* Tents or sleeping bags
* Garden tools
* Sports equipment
* Smoke from burning poison ivy
* Your hands or any other part of your body

Yes, this is common, especially with outside cats. Try to have some sympathy for your co-worker, poison ivy is usually a horrible experience. She will still have it when she comes back to work--it takes much longer to go away than 1 week. If she has no evidence of a rash...she was fibbin' LOL!!! [email protected]

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