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extended PI???

Subject: extended PI???
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Date: 8/20/2005 5:56 pm
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Hi. Ive been working outdoors all summer and about 4 weeks ago i contracted poison ivy. I know for sure it was PI because I saw it and worked in it for about 2 weeks (total of 4 or 5 days on and off) while trying to step around it as much as possible and wearing long pants, etc etc. anyway, i inevitably got it, I didnt care that much though. i had 3 or 4 major blister areas (ankle, side of knee, forearm) and the some random, individual bubbly blisters on my legs and some on my arms. ANYWAY, after allll that went away, i soon developed a more general rash ALL OVER my legs and arms. it seemed to have started just after all my known poison ivy rashes cleared up for the most part. the only thing is, this new rash was sort of invisible. it started out with only my forearms itching like crazy for isolated time periods (mostly at night), then when i itched a bunch of raised areas in my skin would then appear (but, again, before itching the skin was only slightly bumpy...not really blisters). so after a week or so i noticed i had it on my lower legs too, and now its been 4 weeks since my PI exposure, and i have this mysterious rash all over my arms and legs (though mostly concentrated below the knees and on my forearms).

anyway, sorry for the lengthy post, im just trying to give as detailed a description as possible so someone may be able to help me. i cant tell if this is related to the PI or not. it doesnt seem like it but it's too much of a coincidence. oh and i have washed every piece of clothing that could have possible had the PI oils on them, so i dont think im still wearing something thats continually reapplying the oils to my body (although that seems like the most plausible explanation).

hope someone can help me. thanks.

extended PI??? (Approved)at8/20/2005 5:56 pm
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