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Re: Bandage PI?

Subject: Re: Bandage PI?
Author: Debbie
Date: 8/19/2005 4:07 pm
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It is okay to wrap your rash while you are at work or in public. This is will not hinder the healing process per se but it will take longer. I know how people stare at the condition when you have it on areas you would normally have exposed. I would try to leave it uncovered when you sleep because it will heal faster exposed to air. Or, if the itching is too intense at night, keep the cold cloths on while sleeping and keep exposed to air during the day. Saran or Glad Wrap can be used (wrapped around your leg or arm) to keep the cloths in place while you sleep if necessary. If you need to remove the crusting, or the dried fluids are stuck to your bandage, run your arm under cool water to loosen, then remove the gauze. Cold water cloth compresses are great for relieving the itch and oozing. Once your blisters stop oozing, you need to switch gears and moisturize to speed healing. If you continue to apply drying products, your skin will get worse. I have some posts here on the best moisturizers to use for that. Get well soon! [email protected]

Bandage PI? (Approved)Brian8/17/2005 7:18 am
  Re: Bandage PI? (Approved)Debbie8/19/2005 4:07 pm