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Re: my poison ivy came back

Subject: Re: my poison ivy came back
Author: Debbie
Date: 8/19/2005 3:11 pm
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Hi RC :) I have heard of this but it isn't that common. When you take cortisone you may weaken your immune system. Are you sure you had Poison Ivy? Your symptoms sound very similar to shingles (which anyone can get who ever had chicken pox in their lifetime.) Did your doctor consider shingles? I don't know your age but they are more common in people over 40. Anyhow, if you suspicion this, your doctor needs to take some samples for a lab because the fluid in your blisters will contain the herpes zoster virus if you have shingles. If you have PI, there will be no virus. Since you already battled an infection you must be extra careful not to let this happen again. Do not scratch the area!! When itching gets intense, lightly RUB the area with an melting ice cube. Use very cold wet cloths (not soaking wet but not dry)to relieve itching and oozing. If you need to walk around with your cold compress then use Saran or Glad Wrap and wrap it around your leg to hold your cloth in place. Change out when it gets warm or you feel itching returning. This really helps alot & is very safe. Make sure your clothing does not rub against it to lessen chances of re-infection. It could be that your skin was so dried out from your earlier treatment that your skin just has another form of dermatitis. You should use a natural moisturizer without mineral oil for a 3-4 days to see if this helps. If you have shea butter, cocoa butter, vitamin e cream or oil, or emu oil already, use that. If not, purchase some. Aveeno makes one with cocoa butter & shea. This will help heal the underlying tissues. If you see some improvement, continue moisturizing often until clear. Mainly I would steer away from steroid-type preparations unless it is the last resort. Keep me informed. I hope you show improvement. [email protected]

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