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Re: working out

Subject: Re: working out
Author: Debbie
Date: 8/18/2005 5:47 pm
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Hi there. Your working out will not cause your rash to spread. However it will most likely cause you to become increasing itchy as your body heats up. Sweating may sting and burn your PI, but the itching is usually the most irritating. If you are dead set on exercising during your PI breakout, try to lower the intensity for your skin's sake. A good idea might be to have a spray bottle of ice water handy to douse the rashy areas. It can help ease the itch some from your sweating. I would be careful not to irritate you skin with rubbing clothing if you are in the oozing stage of PI. This is when your skin is very vulnerable to getting infected. Wear very loose clothing if you have PI on your torso or areas that will be covered. Cool shower after your workout. Take it slow friend. [email protected]

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