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Re: Please help me!!! :(

Subject: Re: Please help me!!! :(
Author: Nan
Date: 8/17/2005 3:17 pm
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It may not help much, but you have my sincere sympathy (and I'm sure I speak for everyone who's ever had PI). I'm a very religious person, but I made the remark that I didn't think God made the plant, it had to be developed by the devil as a way to torment us. (Seriously though, I read that some animals can eat it and have no reaction). I do know, through this website and others, that a dog or cat can get the oil on its coat, and when you pet them, you are exposed (over and over). I tried all kinds of remedies, but finding this website was extremely helpful, not just for the helpful hints, but knowing that other people shared my pain and frustration. There are days when I didn't think I could stand it anymore, I literally wanted to rip my skin off. I tried to stay cool as much as possible, that meant staying in my recliner under the AC, not going outside or even doing enough inside to work up a sweat. I would spray apple cider vinegar on me and stand in front of a fan until it dried. I also tried various other remedies, some worked, some didn't. Some would work one day and have no affect the next, so I kept trying new stuff, whatever I read or heard about from friends who had experienced it. This summer was my first case (I'm 57) and it took almost 2 weeks to break out from the time I was exposed. It was one of the worst things I've ever experienced. Hang in there, I'll be praying for you. Just wanted to let you know you have friends out here in PI Land.

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