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Poison Ivy vs. Scabies

Subject: Poison Ivy vs. Scabies
Author: Danielle
Date: 8/16/2005 1:53 am
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My kids were at beach and son was popping round seed like berries attached to a green 3 leaf finger-like plant (by his description). The ER says their rash is scabies. The son that popped the seeds broke out next a.m. on his arm which when scratched excreted pussy fluid, and rash is localized to that arm and shoulder blade. Other son who wasn't in water has red pimple-like rash all over face (with slight swelling around eyes), neck, ear, chest, back and arms. My third son has no reaction and it has been 2 dys now?

I think they've been misdiagnosed...Help!!

Poison Ivy vs. Scabies (Approved)Danielle8/16/2005 1:53 am