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Can it cause burning lips, nose, throat?

Subject: Can it cause burning lips, nose, throat?
Author: Shannon
Date: 8/15/2005 9:01 pm
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Yesterday, when my husband got home from work I was complaining of burning lips, tongue, throat, and eyes. Later the burning subsided. We picked up our daughter who had not been at home and very soon she was complaining of the exact same symptoms I believe hers was more severe as she was crying. She finally fell asleep. Today, I was still trying to figure out what caused it and my husband started complaining of the same thing by now we were seriously stumped. My husband finally realized we had all been kissing the dog. Then I remembered he had come in yesterday and kept rubbing his nose on the floor for about twenty minutes. We looked up poison oak on this site and went looking in the yard. we soon found it right where my dog slips through the fence to visit the neighbors yard which he did three times yesterday. Today our lips are still burning and our dogs eye is really watery. Does poison oak have this effect? So far there is no sign of a rash?

Can it cause burning lips, no (Approved)Shannon8/15/2005 9:01 pm