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Re: did the posion ivy spread, or what is it!

Subject: Re: did the posion ivy spread, or what is it!
Author: Debbie
Date: 8/15/2005 0:22 am
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Erica, for you and all the other people with rashes--just because you have a rash does not mean it is Poison Ivy. If you had no contact with any vegetation, then you can be 99.9% sure you don't have poison ivy. Rashes could indicate prickly heat, an allergic reaction to something you ate or are wearing, or even scabies. Poison Ivy may not always blister, but it will always itch a little. You could just have a rash caused by blocked sweat glands. Unless you give more info,(like if you were exposed to plants, etc.) it is hard to say what it is. In reality, if you had poison ivy for sure on your feet, then most likely your other areas that are breaking out were areas that did not get the concentration of oil that your feet did, thus they broke out later and luckily for you, are not too itchy. Breaking out in intervals in very common with poison ivy. Most cases are gone by 4 wks. You still may have reddened skin where the rashes were the worse for a week or so after that. The skin has to heal from deep inside so it takes a while. Be patient and rub a good moisturizer to heal it once your blisters dry up. [email protected]

did the posion ivy spread, or (Approved)Erica8/14/2005 10:11 pm
  Re: did the posion ivy spread, (Approved)Debbie8/15/2005 0:22 am