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Re: Spreading

Subject: Re: Spreading
Author: Debbie
Date: 8/14/2005 0:55 am
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It sounds like you may have prickly heat rash. The condition features many small red bumps and a constant prickling or itching sensation. It may occur when you sweat a lot in hot or humid weather. Dead skin cells and bacteria block the sweat glands. The skin becomes inflamed with a spotty rash that may blister. I used to get this between my fingers & toes very often when I was a child. It itches like crazy, and mine would eventually bubble up (blister) but it is different than poison ivy blisters. There really isn't much you can do to speed it along. Just try to keep the rash clean & dry. Caladryl helps a little for the itch and drying. Don't put creams on because they can block the glands even more. Ice cubes rubbed on the bumps gives some itch relief. ANOTHER possibility: You could have scabies. Anyone can get scabies. The mites aren't picky. They don't care if you're clean, dirty, rich, or poor. All they want is to live on or in the skin of a human being. And because any human being will do, mites are more common in places where there are lots of people, like college dorms, camps, classrooms, and child-care centers. After they make your skin their home, your body may react to them with a dry, itchy, reddish rash of bumps. You may also see thin, slightly raised light lines on your skin where the mites have been digging. These signs of scabies usually appear in places where there are skin folds, such as between your fingers and toes, on your wrists, behind your knees, under your arms, or around your groin or rear end. When you have scabies you may have lots of itching at night and sores from scratching, too.

It takes about 4 to 6 weeks for the rash to show up from your initial exposure. If you suspicion Scabies, you need to see the doctor because you can spread it to anyone you are in contact with. Good luck! [email protected]

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