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Re: poison ivy berries

Subject: Re: poison ivy berries
Author: Visitor
Date: 8/11/2005 7:37 pm
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Hi Sarah, I found this info online from W. Virginia Poison Center website: ********All parts of poison ivy, poison oak and sumac are poisonous: the toxic oil resides in the stems, leaves, branches, flowers, and berries.*** Actually they forgot to include the roots! There is not much info online about the safety of the berries for humans--although they are consumed by birds & other animals. Are they sure he at poison ivy berries versus another kind? How many did he eat? Ask him if they were whitish colored berries. The flowers are greenish-yellow and occur in clusters along the stem. The fruits appear in late summer as yellowish-white, round berries, each about a quarter inch in diameter. Each berry has stripes on it resembling a peeled orange. There are pics online to show him. Possibly he ate something else. If you determine he really did eat poison ivy berries, and the AMOUNT, I would call the Poison Control Center in your area to get a definite prognosis for treatment if he needs one. You may need to call a doctor also depending on what poison control says. I hope he will be fine. Debbie---- [email protected]

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