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Re: Get Poison Ivy out of my house??

Subject: Re: Get Poison Ivy out of my house??
Author: Debbie
Date: 8/11/2005 5:44 am
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Hi Sheryl, sorry to hear about your tango too! Well I would think that the salt would kill any plant that absorbs it. If you live in a northern state (I do) you see a lot of plants & smaller trees near the road that die overwinter from being splashed with salt used for ice & snow on the roads. You could always use a regular poison ivy killer for your problem but the rock salt is less toxic to YOU. LOL. You can even kill plants with regular table salt, and seeds will not germinate if the soil is too salty. A cheap non-toxic way to keep weeds & grasses from growing in the cracks of pavement is to pour salt in there. You have to repeat it several times over the summer, but it is very safe if you have kids. I would think it would take a lot of salt exposure for a large mature tree to die. If you made a careful application of the rock salt I doubt it would harm a large tree but I am not sure. All I am sure about is you need to kill the root if the Ivy or the hellish thing will return to haunt you. Make sure you follow the advice in my earlier post on how to dispose of dead PI...it can still infect you! Good luck! [email protected]

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