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Can anyone help?

Subject: Can anyone help?
Author: Sherri
Date: 8/7/2005 3:42 pm
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I have some type of rash but not sure what. After being out doing yard work, a few days later I noticed that a rash had broken out around my knee. It wasn't very big and did not itch but I was afraid that it would spread, so I treated it with a tube of cream that I got from Walmart that is suppose to dry up poison oak/ivy, it is the brand that Walmart carries,"Equate". Well, it seemed to be doing the job, however I did see some small out outbreaks around my neck and on my arms, so next time I was in town I got a tube of Lanacane. Well, treating it with Lanacane only made it worse! I got an awful, red, hot rash on both my legs, arms, and my chest! It looked like a really bad sunburn. It didn't itch very bad, but rather stung a little. So, I dicontinued the use of Lanacane and started treating it with Extra Strength Benadryl. That seems to be clearing up my rash on my legs and arms, but now I have all these blisters forming on my fingers, and my fingers are beginning to swell up. I have had this problem before. Blisters form all over my hands and fingers and they swell up something terrible! Does any of this sound like poison oak or ivy to any of you? I've never been sure what it is. Does anyone know of anythihng that I can treat it with that will surely get rid of it? It's very uncomfortable and I want to start treating it now before it spreads, which it seems to be doing quite fast. Any help will be much appreciated!

Can anyone help? (Approved)Sherri8/7/2005 3:42 pm
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