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Re: Poison ivy in the eyes

Subject: Re: Poison ivy in the eyes
Author: Debbie
Date: 8/7/2005 1:44 am
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Sherri I would call the doctor if you have one. Anytime the eyes are involved you need to be extra careful. If it is in his eyes they will swell. If they swell severely he needs medical attention right away. If it is moderate, his rash could last 3-4 weeks from start to finish. First make sure his face & body is clean from the Urushiol. He may have residue under his fingernails if he was not wearing gloves. This is really important because he can reinfect yourself. Either cut them as short as possible or scrub good under your nails and rub alcohol under each nail with a nail file wrapped with a tissue soaked in alcohol. Regular soap will not remove the oil--he needs to wash with his choice of Zanfel (a poison ivy wash) Fels Naptha Laundry bar soap, grease-cutting dishwashing liquid, or wipe down all exposed body parts with alcohol (but not eye area--use the soaps with eyes shut tight) If his eyes are severely swollen, you should go to your doctor if you have one a.s.p. or the ER. If they are moderately swollen, take Ibuprofen every 4 hrs. (helps alot) and Benadryl as directed on bottle (generic is fine) and rest with COLD wet cloth on his eyes until you see improvement. Soak any infected area with very cold water, cold wet cloths, or rub ice cubes on blisters for itch relief. Don't try the hot water method people talk about here. It makes it spread. All these will help with swelling and pain. If you have some PURE ALOE VERA Gel or EMU oil-- he can use a very thin layer on his face and eye area, test on a small area to make sure first, but it is very safe and effective for tender skin & burns. Again, if it gets worse or he is short of breath, do not hesistate to get medical help right away. [email protected]

Poison ivy in the eyes (Approved)Sherri8/7/2005 0:25 am
  Re: Poison ivy in the eyes (Approved)Debbie8/7/2005 1:44 am