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Poison? What is this plant?

Subject: Poison? What is this plant?
Author: Erik
Date: 8/6/2005 4:46 pm
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I've got an azalea bush that I can't trim without getting a rash a few minutes later (thankfully, if I notice the rash, it subsides in a few more minutes if I wash the area thoroughly, and goes away in a few days. It takes weeks if I don't wash it immediately, though). There seems to be only one "invader" plant in the bush, and it doesn't look anything like the pictures I've seen of poison oak, ivy, or sumac, and we've got plenty of Virginia Creeper (MUCH less now, thanks to Brush-B-Gone), so I know what that poisonous plant looks like.

But what is this plant (see the broad leaves in the pictures, not the tiny leaves from the bush)? Is it potentially poisonous? (If not, I've got to look for other candidates) You can see the image here:



Poison? What is this plant? (Approved)Erik8/6/2005 4:46 pm
  Re: Poison? What is this plan (Approved)Debbie8/7/2005 1:31 am