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Re: machine? to find it in our yard???

Subject: Re: machine? to find it in our yard???
Author: Debbie
Date: 8/5/2005 1:32 am
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Vicki-whatever you have in your yard it appears by your note here that you are getting a rash from it. If it is harmful you can kill it by spraying with a very strong plant killer that says it is made for woody stemmed plants (ex. Brush-B-Gon) Regular weed killer will not phase poison ivy. This late in the year the plants are fully mature, so you will most likely have to re-spray early next spring and again in mid-summer to make sure you killed it all. Then when it is dead, still do not touch it as it can still make you sick. Wear rubber gloves and place plastic bags over the dead plants to scoop them up so the oils have no chance to escape. Do not burn them or add to a compost pile if you have one. Set out with your regular trash in plastic bags. I too have a huge patch growing along the ground and along my chain link fence. Good luck! [email protected]

machine? to find it in our yar (Approved)vicki8/4/2005 10:33 am
  Re: machine? to find it in our (Approved)Debbie8/5/2005 1:32 am