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Re: vaginal poison ivy

Subject: Re: vaginal poison ivy
Author: Erika
Date: 9/8/2004 9:51 pm
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I had vaginal poison ivy this last week. Here are some things that I found to be helpful.
Take cool showers or baths or at least end your shower/bath with cool water, I found hot water made it itch worse, ice cubes were nice too in moments of terrible itch. I took an internal HOMEOPATHIC remedy for poision ivy/oak made by HYLAND'S (contains RHUS TOXICODENDRON 6X) among other things. OAK AWAY, herbal infusion spray made for poison ivy/oak and Sumac made by BREEZY BALMS was very good, it burns at first and then feels better. I found ALOE VERA GEL to be really good as well. In moments where I did not feel that I could stand it any longer I went ahead and used Lanacane cream. Good luck, it will come to an end!!!

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