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Re: vaginal poison ivy

Subject: Re: vaginal poison ivy
Author: jill
Date: 9/3/2004 1:19 pm
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hi Marian Meier,
I just recently got posion ivy on my genitals myself. Its so painful and the itching is unbelivable. I asked my mom for help and the nurse she works with told me to take a benadryl every 4 hrs and take a warm bath with white vinagar for 15 minutes every few hours. I had the same concern as you, and the pharmasist at the store who gave her this information said its rare that it will go up inside you and cause infection, but it can happen, so treat it the best way as soon as possible. Ive been doing what i mentioned for a few days and the itch only seems to go away when im in the water. But who knows it might be working better then what i thought. Good luck.
lol i need it as well.

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