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Poison Sumac Exposure

Subject: Poison Sumac Exposure
Author: Okie
Date: 8/17/2004 10:28 pm
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I recently moved to Oklahoma from California (I know what PI and PO look like) and had never seen Poison Sumac. I went on a trail ride with several "natives" of the area and discovered that they had ridden us through several patches of PS. I only found out after starting to itch and burn (2 hr ride)on my face and parts of my head. Everything else was covered, long sleeves, gloves, jeans & boots and 1/2 chaps. I asked what the plants we were riding through were (they were pretty) and they said, "OH MY, that's PS, are y'all allergic?". How considerate. After doing some reading, I realize that a)the interior of my truck is contaminated, my horse trailer and tack are contaminated, and HECK, my freakin horse is probably contaminated. OH Yeah, my suede chaps are contaminated for sure. I can clean everything else, but what do I do with the chaps? Can't clean them with soap and water.

The next day my face was all swollen and my eyes were swollen shut, thanks ladies.....Grrrr. Anyhow since then, I know when I'm just driving past the sumac, I start to itch all over again. What the do I need to do to put an end to this incessant scratch/rash/misery? I'm taking my truck and trailer to be detailed (Yes, I'll warn them), and I'm getting tired of eating Benadryl. Thanks for any suggestions.

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