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Re: Someone Please Respond

Subject: Re: Someone Please Respond
Author: John
Date: 8/12/2004 11:12 pm
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We felled a tree in our yard which was covered with ppoison ivy. both my grandkids got the poison, the younger went to the Doctor for topical and internalmeds. A few days later, my wife came down with bumps and itch on the fold of her arms. Strangely enough, she said she had bumps two weeks prior to the felling of the tree, and it took two weeks to "break" out.
In preparation of felling the tree I cleaned out the area around the base of the tree to expedite the job.(cutting down) Growth was MIXED poison Ivy and oak or sumac. Wife handled my clothing,..... case closed.....Why I did not get it I do not know....but...
last week, (week and a half later) I went to the optometrist with a redness of the eyeball rt. eye, inside corner and a small
blister on the eyeball. She gave me drops and within a week the redness was just about gone, but,.... the blister (1/8" is still there, MAYBE smaller)
Recommended an Opthamologist????? or will this go away by itself? No other rash or blisters......I'll bet it is in my system....four more weeks???

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