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PI or impetigo?

Subject: PI or impetigo?
Author: Donna
Date: 8/12/2004 10:01 am
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I pulled weeds in my yard on Friday, and ended up with a rash on my chin Monday morning. It has gradually spread to other areas of my face, and the original sites are very oozy and dry to a yellow crust. If I remove the crust, it starts oozing again. The rash doesn't really itch, but hurts like crazy. The rash is not linear, but more blotchy. The urgent care doc diagnosed impetigo because of the yellow crustiness, but lots of the pics on this site seem to have the same oozing, so I'm skeptical. How do I tell whether I actually have impetigo or pi?

This is not a case of impetigo following PI because it hasn't been long enough. The nasty oozing wounds showed up on day two.

PI or impetigo? (Approved)Donna8/12/2004 10:01 am
  Re: PI or impetigo? (Approved)jeremiah8/12/2004 11:14 am
    Re: PI or impetigo? (Approved)Donna8/12/2004 6:12 pm