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It Ends!

Subject: It Ends!
Author: Theresa
Date: 8/9/2004 8:49 pm
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I swore when i was in the middle of this poison ivy hell last week that i would post my recovery because I noticed happy stories were lacking on here. No one WITH poison ivy is happy, after all.
I am more than two weeks into it and have had constant new outbreaks. I took homeopathic rhus tox 6X at first and it helped, but then the symptoms changed as the new outbreaks came out. They didnt blister, but the huge new rash areas were covered in profuse itchy red bumps. I put in a desperate call to my homeopathic care provider and he said what i REALLY needed was three doses of sulphur 200X, one each day for three days, BUT he wanted me to just do sulphur 30X until i could see him in a few days. The 30X did help, but I was still getting new outbreaks. Now i have had the first dose of 200X and things are looking up - I hope they remain so. I am posting this long sermon so ppl know rhus tox 6X IS the first remedy to use, but if it appears to not be working anymore or the symptoms change, u need a different remedy. Sulphur isnt the only other one - it was used because one of my symptoms was that the itch was relieved by icy cold and spread and got worse with heat. Health food stores can help u find the right one, if u dont have a doctor of homeopathic medicine. Good luck! i will update.

It Ends! (Approved)Theresa8/9/2004 8:49 pm
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