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P/I Outbreak

Subject: P/I Outbreak
Author: Art Jernberg
Date: 8/3/2004 7:44 pm
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Almost 60 years old, brought up on a farm in Chesterfield, Michigan. Never had a problem with P/I, even harvested some leaves while in grade school for the "leaf" book. Recently noticed an outbreak on left wrist that looks a lot like the photos on your web site. Always had bee hives on the farm while younger, ate honey products, and played with the wax. Spraying rubbing alcohol on the affected area and wrapping it at night to insure not passing it on to other areas. Also using the baking soda moltise idea to dry the blisters out. Both remedies seem to be lessening the harshness of the outbreak. Thanks for publishing such a informative web site rearding these nasty plants we live with. As I said, this is the first occurance I have personally endured in the almost 60 years of my life.

P/I Outbreak (Approved)Art Jernberg8/3/2004 7:44 pm
  Re: P/I Outbreak (Approved)Arthur Jernberg8/14/2004 9:02 pm
    Re: P/I Outbreak (Approved)kristi8/22/2004 5:15 pm