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Subject: no subject
Author: Ashley
Date: 8/1/2004 12:47 pm
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Just about 3 days ago I noticed 3 marks on my hand and didnt think much of it. Then i noticed it on my oppisite arm and still just thought it was a rash from soap or something cause I sometimes get that. I don't know if it is Sumac or Oak but im almost positive it is one of them, more likely sumac because me and my friend took a run by some of those bushes growing along the road. It has gotten alot worse. I am going to be a freshman and in 15 days I have volley ball tryouts, will all of it be gone by then? Im treating it by putting calamine lotion on the spots and taking a oatmeal bath which I only took one so far but im gonna take one probally daily or maybe 2 times a day. So my question again is will it be gone before tryouts!!!??? I dont think I should bump the ball because it will probally bust open the about 8 blisters there haha. So, Thanks for anyone who responds!!

no subject (Approved)Ashley8/1/2004 12:47 pm
  Re: no subject (Approved)Susie8/1/2004 4:38 pm