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Re: inhaled ivy at campfire

Subject: Re: inhaled ivy at campfire
Date: 7/31/2004 1:32 pm
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Hi..I just wrote asking the same thing. We cleaned off some of our land, and burned trees with (ivy) attached to them. I have been to the doctor twice this week for two separate shots of cartizone. I have three prescriptive meds, and also fluid pills because of the retention from swelling. It is getting better. I also, was the only one that had problems from this fire. New breakouts are still coming (head to toe) and burning in esophogus when breathing. I was told this could last anywhere from 2-5 weeks. Be sure that he has plently of antihistamines available and watch breathing. Prescriptions given to me:

Singulair 10 mg
Hydroxyzine HCL - 25 mg
Methypredisolone 4 mg (Dose Pack - 7 days)
Lasix - 40- mg (Once daily for 7 days)
and Potassium.

Good luck and God bless

inhaled ivy at campfire (Approved)m ohar7/30/2004 8:43 am
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