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Someone Please Respond

Subject: Someone Please Respond
Author: Andy
Date: 7/31/2004 12:19 pm
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Is it possible for bumps to BEGIN to appear almost two weeks after contact?

Two Saturdays ago I came into contact with some poison ivy during a river floating trip. Well, just like clockwork I began to itch the following day. Next came the rashes and bumps and constant oozing, standard Poison Ivy behavior. It lasted about eight or nine days and I kept it tolorable with Band-Aid Gel(Rhuli), Aveeno bath, IvaRest, and the hairdryer method (which by the way is very effective). Now that the main rash and itching have subsided, I am breaking out with, very irritating and itchy-as-hell, bumps between my index fingers. Obviously, I know my fingers probably came into contact with the Poison Ivy, but could it take this long for the rash to appear? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.

Someone Please Respond (Approved)Andy7/31/2004 12:19 pm
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