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Burning Leaves - Is it inside body?

Subject: Burning Leaves - Is it inside body?
Author: Paula Johnson
Date: 7/30/2004 8:32 am
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We worked out in the yard, pulling limbs/vines from trees on 4 acres and burning. Never had outbreak prior. Now covered from head to toe with large blisters, bumps and breaks from eyes to ankles? Throat and chest started burning today. (6 days from exposure) Had 2 shots and Depamedrol Dose Pack. Can the inside be like the outside exposure i'm experiencing. My MD of 25 years stated he had never seen anything like this in his life. We live in Southeast Texas ... We have all 3 kids of plants.

Burning Leaves - Is it inside (Approved)Paula Johnson7/30/2004 8:32 am