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Poison Ivy CURE!

Subject: Poison Ivy CURE!
Author: Lynnette Hartwig
Date: 7/29/2004 1:35 pm
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I�m almost too astounded to say this, but I�ve found a cure for poison ivy. It�s not marketed as such because until this week the manufacturer didn�t know! It cured the poison ivy I had all over my arms and legs from clearing brush at my new home. I never got any on my face, and the few that started on my chest disappeared so I figured at first they must�ve been some other itchy bump.
The product is a facial toner, the one they call Facial Toner-Shitake from http://www.sukisnaturals.com
I discovered just spritzing the poison ivy at any time, the first outbreak or 2 weeks later, and within 6 hours the bumps go down. I washed my outbreaks with warm water and soap, patted them dry, then sprayed lightly with Suki�s Shitake Facial Toner and used a generic unscented lotion over it to keep the moisture in. Within 3 treatments they were only red spots which are fading away. I did this twice a day for 2 days, then once a day, although I think I should have kept up the twice a day. The really bad new spots I sprayed a few times in one day just to blip them.
I had breakouts of different ages (working in the yard 5 days apart) and it worked the same on all. The newer outbreaks heal with less red, but even on 2 week old outbreaks it worked.

On the backs of my hands I had big blisters which I dreaded would break open, pus on my clothes, and create scars lasting a few years. Well, one spritz at bedtime, and when I awoke the next morning the blisters had simply gone down! I had blisters in my finger webs on my right hand; I could put my fingers together again. Within 2 days every one was just a mild red mark.
Doctors, look into this because it�s not an itch treatment it�s a cure. Not only that, but it�s mild, non-stinging, and not even a big deal to get in my eyes.

I've informed Ms. Suki about my discovery--if you try this send her an email telling her of your experience.

Poison Ivy CURE! (Approved)Lynnette Hartwig7/29/2004 1:35 pm
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