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Poison ivy or sumac? HELP

Subject: Poison ivy or sumac? HELP
Author: Samantha
Date: 7/28/2004 4:55 pm
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A couple years ago in Pennsylvania, I woke up with a black mark on my arm which ironically resembled a plus sign... I had spent the night at a friends house so i automatically assumed they drew on me or gave me one of those fake tatoos... well I tried soap and water... then nailpolish remover, then alcohol... then even gasoline to get it off.... i couldnt even scratch it off.. it was like it every layer of skin i had or something... anyways... the next day, both me AND my friend woke up swollen, red, and itchy blisters everywhere. After a couple of days the black stuff went away as blisters popped and all that in that area... now i have a scar there. and even until this day... on both my legs, i have a patch of tough skin that itches every once in a awhile and if i scratch it it will blister... was it sumac or what? is it possible for it to be in my system still??

Poison ivy or sumac? HELP (Approved)Samantha7/28/2004 4:55 pm
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